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Autor Thema: Für Gesellschaften mit beschränkter Haftung gibt es drei wichtige Änderungen.  (Gelesen 1075 mal)

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Aus dem heutigen Thai-Ticker (bestellbar unter: übernommen:

Für Gesellschaften mit beschränkter Haftung gibt es drei wichtige Änderungen.    Gesellschaft สมา คม (sama khom)
Since the Thai Act Amending Civil and Commercial Code (No. 18) B.E.. 2551 (2008) has come into force and effect as from July 1, 2008, there are 3 major points which affect a limited company as a result of the Code as follows:

1.     Number of shareholders

A number of minimum promoters for establishment of a limited company is reduced from 7 to be at least 3 persons [Section 1097 of the Civil and Commercial Code (the “Code”)] and a reason for a court to order for dissolution of a limited company is that the number of the shareholders is reduced to less than 3 persons (Section 1237 of the Code).

Therefore, a company can change its number of shareholders to be at least 3 persons for the convenience of business operation and shareholders’ meeting.

2.   Notice for a meeting of shareholders

Please take note of the change in the procedure pertaining to sending a notice and convening a meeting of shareholders.  A company must comply with the following process according to the Code.

2.1   A general meeting of shareholders to pass its ordinary resolution

Notice for summoning a meeting must be published at least once in a local newspaper together with a registered mail to every shareholder simultaneously at least 7 days prior to the date fixed for the meeting (Section 1175 of the Code).

2.2   A general meeting of shareholders to pass its special resolution

Only one general meeting of shareholders is required to be held for passing its special resolution, instead of two meetings which were previously required (Section 1194 of the Code).  At least 14 days’ prior notice for summoning the same meeting must be sent by registered mail to shareholders and published at least once in a local newspaper, the resolution must be passed by at least three-fourths of the votes of shareholders attending the meeting (Section 1175 of the Code).

2.3   A company’s articles of association which are not in line with the Code

If a company’s articles of association conflict with the Code, the said articles shall be unenforceable.  The notice calling for a meeting of shareholders which is different from the Code should be amended, provided that such difference is of the same standard as or not lower than the requirements stated in the new amendment.  A company should amend its articles to be in compliance with the Code.

Failure to comply with this newly passed law shall cause the said notice and meeting of shareholders to be invalid.

3.   Formation of a company within one day

With regard to the formation of a company, a director may apply for registration of the memorandum of association and incorporation of a company simultaneously within the same day, upon providing names of subscribers, holding a statutory meeting, promoters handed over all businesses to directors and directors have completely called for shares paid up in cash, within the same day (Section 1111/1 of the Code).

We are looking forward to having an opportunity to assist your company in changing a number of shareholders, reviewing and revising the company’s articles of association, and formation of a company (if any).

Best regards,
Natee Thongdee
Natee International Law Office Ltd.
Tel. (662) 655-5425 (8 lines)
Fax (662) 253-6994
Alma Link Building, 16th Floor, 25 Soi Chidlom, Ploenchit Road, Bangkok 10330

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