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Titel: Wortkarussell
Beitrag von: madaboutsingha am 29. Juli 2008, 11:15:01
29. 7. 08

Ich weiß, daß dies ein deutsches Forum ist, dennoch:

Hello young man!

Oho, I am not young man.

Can I sit here?

Please! Last night you have falang?

No. Not found. I sleep alone.

Uh, you are so beautiful! I cannot believe.

Tsching, tsching! I want sleep with you!

Only sleep?

No, I want you f..k me.

I cannot f..k you.


I love my wife.

I make you so happy, you will forget your wife!

How much you like?

One Baht for one minute.

I cannot f..k you.

Why? You don`t like me?

You have no pussy.

You can use my second pussy behind.

You have only small tities.

Oh, you like big tities?


I have mouth and fingers.

Mouth I don`t like.

Okay, if you not happy, you don´t pay.

Hey, hey! Are you sure?

Of course! You buy tea for me?

One tea for the, ähem, lady!


Why your fingers are cold and wet.

From tea bottle.

I think you are nervous.

I only think about you.

I don`t like cold fingers on my cock.

I have room for us alone.


Not far. Let`s go.

I only want talk to you.

But I want f..k with you.

What is your name?


How old are you?


You eat hormons?

I have no money. Come on we go!

Better you look other Farang!

But I want you!

I know.

Titel: Re: Wortkarussell
Beitrag von: LungDi am 29. Juli 2008, 12:32:29
Gehört das zu dem Spiel " was soll es bedeuten"?

Oder willst du uns testen, ob wir im Forum auch englisch lesen und verstehen können?

Ein typisches Gespräch an der Bar oder?

Titel: Re: Wortkarussell
Beitrag von: Paul am 24. August 2008, 08:12:39

Solange Du das nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt hast, kannst Du hier keine
gescheiten Antworten darauf erwarten.
Da sind wir hier eigen.  :D